The Pony Club Efficiency Certificate Program is an internationally recognised syllabus for coaching and developing riders in horsemastership and riding skill.  Pony Club Efficiency Certificates help to develop sound riding skills but also focus strongly on teaching riders how to care for and manage their horse.  

Efficiency Certificates are aimed at age levels and are compentency based, the program begins at "E" Certificate and is aimed at 7year olds through to "A" Certificate aimed at 17+years.  For riders who are not able to complete the riding components of the higher certificates there is a pure horsemastership certificate called "H" Certificate.

Efficiency Certificates may also be used to define whether a rider is suitable to partake in various Pony Club activities, an example of this is the InterPacific Rally Exchange where participants must have achieved an Efficiency Certificate of B Standard.  

Efficiency Certificates provide Clubs and Coaches with an excellent way of to methodically teach horse riding and horse management skills and keep Pony Club fun for riders!  Efficiency Certificates can also be useful throughout an individuals riding career and may help launch our members into career paths involving horses.

A Certificate

B Certificate

C* Certificate

C Certificate

D* Certificate

D Certificate

E Certificate

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